Hazard Tree Removal

Prescribed Burning

Fallen trees are chipped to maximize their use as fuels. These chips can also be scattered across the forest floor to allow the nutrients from the chips to return to the ground. Chipping fallen trees has become a phenomenal way to promote forest management.  

Hazard Tree Removal is essentially the safe removal of hazardous trees that have fallen as a result of a natural disaster. The goal with removing hazardous trees is to minimize any damage to the surrounding structures and environment.  


Prescribed burning is controlled burning for the purpose of forest restoration. By burning away the top layer of fuels it allows for a diverse habitat for plants and animals, and prevents destructive forest fires.  

Due to the Northwestern are of California having a loss of deciduous Oak Woodlands as a result of the native Conifer encroachment, Bella Wildfire & Forestry Inc. specializes in various forms of treatment of both species. 

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